One of the things we normally do when the new year arrives is change all the old calenders with the new ones
And then during the course of the year we normally have doubts like

What day is 7th Sep 2010?
Does Dec 25th fall on a Sunday?

So what do we do in those cases…pick up your calender flip trough the pages…go that particular month
and then check the day

How about having the entire calender in a single sheet of paper?

Sample the below picture, this is the complete calender for 2010


So what day is 18th Oct?
Just scroll through the column of Oct and scroll trough the row containing 18 and the intersection gives you the day, its Sunday!!!
Isn’t it simple?
Print this and you can have the complete calender of 2010 in just a single sheet of paper, and you just saved 11 more sheets of paper getting wasted 🙂

Here is the tool I created to generate this calender vaguely called as Cal-In-A-Sheet 🙂

Just select the year and hit the print button to get your calender
You can download the tool from here
Will be coming up with a conky tool for linux shortly

Tool : Cal-In-A-Sheet

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Dark Knight : My first attempt

I believe today it’s a world where you got to be multi skilled to be able to sustain the competition out there, but you should never forget to do what you like and always listen to your heart
Being a software professional the urge to learn a new language and write a simple but useful piece of software was always there, So I started off with Java about a few years back when i had absolutely no clue about it, even though my work at office dos’nt even remotely involve Java, I tried to learn the language in my free time
Today I created a project in Google Code and created my first piece of software


Dark-Knight v0.0.1

I always wanted to work on something that involved a bit of logic, a bit of learning and a bit of fun of course,so what better than a game of chess 🙂 , this is my first version of the program and I hope to keep improving this code as and when i get time
Do download and give it a try, you can download it from here
Let me know your views and suggestions

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Do NOT watch Avatar!!!!


Yes you read it correctly, do NOT watch Avatar, and if you are a big movie buff then it makes perfect sense to give this a big skip, simply because if you watch Avatar you will invariably find all other movies average or  below par :), truly this is called creativity and movie making has been taken to another level with Avatar, hats off to James Cameron and his team for bringing out this masterpiece after the epic Titanic

I went for the 3D one and not the regular 2D as i have never watched a complete 3D movie before. The visuals in this movie are a treat to your eyes, when the Na’vi’s climb that mountain it feels as though you are climbing it and when Jake flies that Ikran you feel as though you have got wings are flying like birds, the climax is just an awesome visual spectacle
Now some of the drawbacks that I felt are one the movie was a lengthy one, I mean 3 hrs for an English movie is a bit too long and the middle part of the movie is a bit dragging and doesn’t give you the excitement that the beginning or the climax gives you but hey Cameron wanted to show everyone a world called Pandora so you can understand why that extra 15-20 mins is there. Also I would have liked some unpredictability in terms of the story, coz as much as u like the movie and visuals on a whole the storyline was very much a cliche and predictable

All in all to sum up in one sentence Avatar is a beautiful movie, which will not disappoint you for sure

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A day that went by….

First of all happy Diwali Folks… Hope u are all having a nice time…

Well yesterday was quite hectic…I was all excited to watch the T20 games in Chinnaswamy stadium…it was my first experience of watching a day night game live inside the stadium

All geared up we left for the stadium by 2:30,on the way a friend of mine got a call saying that apparently there is bomb scare at the ground…and as always my first reaction to that was ‘its a hoax’… being deepavali time some stupid ppl play pranks and have fun seeing other people panic.

Anyway when we turned up at the ground everything looked normal… Not surprisingly there wasn’t too much crowd which is understandable given the fact that the Bangalore-Delhi game starts at 8. So when we got our tickets and were about to enter the ground there was unusually many security checks…. again understandable becoz of the ‘bomb scare’

“No water bottles” “No cameras” “no bags” “Switch off your mobile”

Why no bottles? I mean if they fear that we will throw those on the ground then they are wrong coz there are lots of other stuff which can be thrown onto the ground

Anyway I left my water bottle, switched off the phone… but they allowed my bag and a few eatables…and as soon as I enter the stand I see a whole bunch of police men guarding almost each and every step….but I also saw a few ppl with camera… 😦

And then came another disappointment….”Match will be delayed by an hour”….WTH we are inside the stadium at 3:30 hoping the match starts by 4…but delayed by an hour? What will we do for one and a half hours? There was no reason mentioned and the even the police ‘mamas’ were unwilling to tell what had actually transpired…that’s when we started to think about the worst…Was there any blast? Was any player injured? Then another announcement “Match will start at 5:30″………arrrrggghhhh….

But then when the game finally began, we forgot everything and were hoping for a Gibbs or Duminy classic…but Gibbsy was missing in the line-up…don’t know why….

It was just a normal game, no real blitzkrieg or nail biting finishes… with the cobras coming on top…the athletism and fielding shown by both the teams was fantastic to say the least

As soon as the game was over I just looked around the stadium….suddenly it was completely full and the ground looked awesome with the flood lights beaming and I couldn’t resist taking a few snaps…so I switched on my phone took a few snaps when somebody pat my back…it was the police mama…I knew I was in trouble…had a few friendly chats with the mama and buttered him to give back my mobile..But he was adamant, he won’t give it so easily… finally he agreed to give it at the end of the match…

So happily went back to my seat to watch Jumbo and co. crush the Devils…it was awesome…singing happy birthday to kumble…veeru’s cameo… kumble’s magic  with the ball…RCB’s pathetic fielding…Van der merwe atheletism while bowling…laughing at Nehra’s mistakes….and in the end awe stuck at Ross’ inngs…

Finally took my mobile from the cops and was able to reach home by 1:30

A few pics…

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Moving conky text

Ladies and gentlemen… guys and gals….i would like to present my new original creation…

Moving Conky Text

This script(written in TCL) creates a moving text back and forth within the conky window
To call this script in Conky, use the following (assuming that you save this script in the same path where your conky file is stored):-

${execp ./movText.tcl 280 900 "Conky is fun!!!"}

Here 280 represents the starting ‘goto’ position from where the text will start moving and ‘900’ is the end point from where the text starts moving towards the starting position…change these values according to your wish
The screen-shot is as follows

Ubuntu + Conky + Lua rings + Moving Text :-)

Ubuntu + Conky + Lua rings + Moving Text 🙂

Another one with a different theme

Same with different theme

Same with different theme

For further info on this please look at this post in Ubuntu Forums

And some more of my screenshots are here

Do let me know what you think of it

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Hey all…how is everyone out there in the virtual world?…..been quite some time since I posted a thing on this blog
I have been bit busy over the last few weeks…my BSNL net connection was down for almost a month, all thanks to the rain gods and B’lore has been blessed with lot a rain this season…and guess what it will always rain in the evening and on most of the days i get drenched riding back from office to home on the NICE road
Dad is not feeling well as taking care of him…lots of work at office…but still managed to catch up on some sporting action…

Was sad to see Fed lose the US open, but hey 22 successive grand slam SF appearance, 40-match winning streak what more can you ask for… DelPotro was in hot form in that tournament and i think he deserved it…he looks a very promising player one who has the ability to win grand slams, and guy to watch out for in future…but what about Andy Murray should’nt he have supposed to win a couple of slams by now?? And we need Nadal back to his full fitness so that Fed can have one more crack at his main rival before he hangs his boots
On the womens side Clijsters, a mom was a surprise winner…and heard that Henin is making a comeback..hmmm must be inspired by Clijsters win

Force India is now a force to reckon with…Mallya’s team has improved by leaps and bounds compared to last year…but still would love to have an Indian driver in the hot seat.
Sachin’s innings in the final was amazing..if he can continue to be fit and continue the same form till 2011 then a ton of tons at international level isn’t impossible…personally i would be happy if he can score 50 test centuries and win an ODI WC for us..but then who wouldn’t want more 🙂

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ASS..A Simple Script

Here is a stupid little script called ‘Pkg’ which i frequently use to backup and restore deb package files.
The script is very very simple and easy to understand


# Pkg — script to backup and restore deb package files
# Copyright (c) 2009 Suhas Bharadwaj <>
# This program is free software. Feel free to redistribute and/or
# modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3
# as published by the Free Software Foundation.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful
# but comes WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty
# See the GNU General Public License for more details.
# In case you modify the script according to your wish then please
# give credit to the author


usage_suhas ()
printf “\nAbout:-\n”
printf “%6s Script  : 33[1mPkg33[0m\n”
printf “%6s Version : 33[1m$VERSION33[0m\n”
printf “%6s Author  : 33[1mSuhas Bharadwaj33[0m\n\n”
printf “%6s This is a simple script to backup and restore deb package files\n”
printf “%6s Visit33[1m 33[0m\n”
printf “%6s for further details and information.\n\n”
printf “Usage:-\n”
printf “%6s Run this script as root without any arguments\n”
printf “%6s to backup deb files to default directory\n\n”
printf “%6s 33[1m sudo ./pkg [options] 33[0m \n\n”
printf “Available options:-\n”
printf “%6s -h   List available arguments and usage (this message).\n”
printf “%6s -b   Backup deb pkg files to the specified dir or default dir.\n”
printf “%6s -r   Restore deb pkg files from the specified dir or default dir.\n”
printf “%6s -d   Specify the dir to use for backup or restore instead of default dir.\n”
printf “%6s -c   Clear all the deb pkg files in the specified dir or default dir.\n”
printf “\n”

printf “//\\ \nV%2s\\ \n \\%2s\\ \n%2s\\ 33[1;33m.\`-.\n%3s|\\ \`. \`.\n%3s( \\%2s\`. \`-.%24s_,.-:\\ \n%4s\\ \\%3s\`.%2s\`-._%13s__..–‘ ,-‘;/\n%5s\\ \`.%3s\`-.%3s\`-..___..—‘%3s_.–‘ ,’/\n%6s\`. \`.%4s\`-._%8s__..–‘%4s,’ /\n%8s\`. \`-_%4s \`\`–..”%6s _.-‘ ,’\n%10s\`-_ \`-.___%8s__,–‘%3s,’\n%13s\`-.__%2s\`—-”’%4s__.-‘\n%18s\`–..____..–’33[0m\n\n”

# Default values


# “:” decides which options require an argument
# In the example below options “d” will require a value to be passed along

while getopts d:brch opt
case “$opt” in
d) #echo “d value is $OPTARG”;;
b) #echo “b value is $OPTARG”;;
r) #echo “r value is $OPTARG”;;
h) #echo “h value is $OPTARG”;;
exit 0;;
c) echo “:-) UNDER CONSTRUCTION . Pls dont use -c option :-)”
exit 0;;
*) printf “ERROR: Run 33[1m$0 -h33[0m for details.\n”
exit 0;;

# Exit if it is not run as root
if [ “$(whoami)” != root ]; then
printf “\n You should run this script as root\n\n”
exit 0

if [ “$BACKUP” = 1 ] && [ “$RESTORE” = 1 ]; then
printf “\n BOTH CANT BE THE SAME\n\n”
exit 0

if [ “$BACKUP” = 0 ] && [ “$RESTORE” = 0 ]; then
printf “\n BOTH CANT BE THE ZERO U HAVE TO SELECT one option\n\n”
exit 0

if [ -d “$DST_DIR” ]; then
#printf  “\nDIR already present\n”
if [ “$BACKUP” = 1 ]; then
printf  “\n33[1m$DST_DIR33[0m NOT present, so creating it\n”
mkdir “$DST_DIR”
printf  “\nERROR: 33[1m$DST_DIR33[0m NOT present so cannot restore. Aborting. \n”
exit 0
if [ -d “$DST_DIR” ]; then
if [ “$BACKUP” = 1 ]; then
printf  “\nBacking up all deb files from 33[1m$SRC_DIR33[0m to 33[1m$DST_DIR33[0m\n”
printf “\nCopying….\n”
cp “$SRC_DIR”/*.deb “$DST_DIR”/
printf  “\nRestoring all deb files from 33[1m$DST_DIR33[0m to 33[1m$SRC_DIR33[0m \n”
printf “\nCopying….\n”
cp “$DST_DIR”/*.deb “$SRC_DIR”/
exit 0

This script can also be used to copy some of the pkg files that your friends might have which you don’t have
Copy this script into a pen-drive, give it execution permission and u are ready to go.
Just execute ‘sudo ./pkg -b’ from any ubuntu machine from where u want to backup pkg files. All the deb files will be stored on your pen-drive
Now put the pen-drive in your machine and execute ‘sudo ./pkg -r’ All the pkg files will be moved to archives
now just do dpkg -i’ to install all the packages

Simple!!! 🙂

NOTE:-  The script is not perfect there are a few glitches, i will make it clean in the next version till then pls co-operate 🙂

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