Why did you become a fan of…..

Friends, colleagues, dear ones often ask why/when did you start following/admiring/become a fan of a certain sportsmen , it’s tough to answer but its also nice to remember the past sometimes

In case of Sachin, it’s tough to write it in a few lines, I would probably need to write a whole book about him 🙂 , but here is a brief about Federer though..

I think I have been following tennis for around ten years I guess starting with guys like Sampras, Agassi, Chang, Rafter Goran and others, but more than others I have always admired these 5 guys for their sheer quality of play

And then I guess I saw Federer for the first time at Wimbledon in 2005 and he looked very very impressive, his movements were so fluid and attractive that it looked like a beautiful ballet dancer on court doing some amazing moves that made you stand up in awe with your mouth wide open… but my obsession (if i can use that word) for Federer came during the AO 2006.

He played superbly in the final after losing the first set, but what happened later at the presentation ceremony was what struck a chord with me; he started crying after receiving the trophy, Now that was something that I had never seen before, here was a guy who dismantled the opponent in final and instead of smiling from ear to ear..he was crying… like a child..I mean it was so human, it reminded me of the days in school when i used to shed a tear or two in private after winning a quiz competition or winning an inter class cricket match… it was so touching …. and that was the moment I fell for him…and from then on the admiration and the obsession has just been growing  🙂

Do share about yours 🙂


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