“Oh God Its Killing Me……. Again”

Sample this for a few minutes… French Open ’07 final where he missed tons of break points…. Wimbledon ’08 final when he had his chances in the first 2 sets… Australian Open ’09 final where he didn’t finish Rafa off… US Open ’09 final where he let off Del Potro in the second set … Wimbledon  ’10 QF when he wasn’t supposed to lose to Berdych… US Open ’10 SF  he lost from two match points up against Joker…. Wimbledon ’11 QF he lost to Tsonga after going up two sets to love…. French Open ’11 final he had his chances against Nadal in the first set….. and as if those were not enough now this loss to Joko in the semis.

I know the match is over a long time back, Joker even went on to win the final, all top three played the Davis Cup matches as well, I also know that there have been hundreds and thousands of post-mortems done on that semifinal match and in particular that shot on 40-15 that Joko played, but I’am still dazed and amazed at how Fed lost that semifinal, I mean common what were the odds for him to lose from the same position(match points up) against the same player(Joker) at exactly the same stage(SF USO) again?

I know most of us Fed fans consider AO ’09 as one that hurt the most, but this is one was bad too, it hurts even more when you think that he was match points up on his serve, the serve which was working so well for him initially, so why did he lose? as Fed himself said, its awkward to explain the loss that shouldn’t have been a loss, I feel it could be a concentration thing or may be he just choked, I know he does not involve in any gamesmanship as such but after Joko hit that shot, Fed was still up a match point at 40-30 and he was serving to the ad side so why didn’t he take his time, think a bit more and serve? I mean in FO SF this year against the same guy he served an ace down the T on match point and this time he went for the body serve, why did he go for the body serve when he could have finished off with an ace again? If either Joko or Rafa were in the same position I can bet my salary that both would have taken at least two-five mins to get that serve in… ….they would have taken the towel to wipe all the sweat over their bodies as if they just came out of shower ….they would have bounced the ball a 100 times before letting it go…

He was just one serve away from a spot in a final but in 15 mins time he was shaking Joko’s hand at the net losing 4 straight games and i think in the next half an hour’s time he was doing his press conf… that’s just insane… any human being worth his salt would surely need some time off after such a loss before talking to anyone, and when you watch his presser you could clearly make out that he was hurt and I thought Fed would  breakdown again just like he did in AO ’09, but somehow he kept his cool and managed to get through the presser, I believe he even gave a nice gesture and said thank you to one of  the press guys before leaving

Anyway time to forget this and move on.. and as i said last time its tough to imagine Fed winning his 17th from now on So here are two of my heros Sachin/Fed , at the fag end of their careers and struggling a bit and so I will just watch all their matches without any expectations and take every success as a sweet bonus.


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