One of the things we normally do when the new year arrives is change all the old calenders with the new ones
And then during the course of the year we normally have doubts like

What day is 7th Sep 2010?
Does Dec 25th fall on a Sunday?

So what do we do in those cases…pick up your calender flip trough the pages…go that particular month
and then check the day

How about having the entire calender in a single sheet of paper?

Sample the below picture, this is the complete calender for 2010


So what day is 18th Oct?
Just scroll through the column of Oct and scroll trough the row containing 18 and the intersection gives you the day, its Sunday!!!
Isn’t it simple?
Print this and you can have the complete calender of 2010 in just a single sheet of paper, and you just saved 11 more sheets of paper getting wasted 🙂

Here is the tool I created to generate this calender vaguely called as Cal-In-A-Sheet 🙂

Just select the year and hit the print button to get your calender
You can download the tool from here
Will be coming up with a conky tool for linux shortly

Tool : Cal-In-A-Sheet


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