Do NOT watch Avatar!!!!


Yes you read it correctly, do NOT watch Avatar, and if you are a big movie buff then it makes perfect sense to give this a big skip, simply because if you watch Avatar you will invariably find all other movies average or  below par :), truly this is called creativity and movie making has been taken to another level with Avatar, hats off to James Cameron and his team for bringing out this masterpiece after the epic Titanic

I went for the 3D one and not the regular 2D as i have never watched a complete 3D movie before. The visuals in this movie are a treat to your eyes, when the Na’vi’s climb that mountain it feels as though you are climbing it and when Jake flies that Ikran you feel as though you have got wings are flying like birds, the climax is just an awesome visual spectacle
Now some of the drawbacks that I felt are one the movie was a lengthy one, I mean 3 hrs for an English movie is a bit too long and the middle part of the movie is a bit dragging and doesn’t give you the excitement that the beginning or the climax gives you but hey Cameron wanted to show everyone a world called Pandora so you can understand why that extra 15-20 mins is there. Also I would have liked some unpredictability in terms of the story, coz as much as u like the movie and visuals on a whole the storyline was very much a cliche and predictable

All in all to sum up in one sentence Avatar is a beautiful movie, which will not disappoint you for sure


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