Wimby Finals

Andy Roddick from America takes on the Swiss genius Roger Federer tomorrow in what could be a historic final.
Yes after winning the French, Roger is just a win away from winning his 15th grand slam title surpassing the great Pistol Pete Sampras.

Its a bit of a surprise that he will be facing the other Andy than the Andy that most of us expected, given the form that the 3rd seed Andy Murray was in and with the crowd behind him he was certainly the favorite to meet Roger in the finals after Nadal unfortunately opted out of the championship due to an injury.

Roddick  played a superb semi final against Murray and in his own words it was one of the best he has played for a long time and considering the fact that this was the same Roddick who couldn’t even clear the 2nd round last year makes this feat of reaching the finals a special one, it will be even more special and memorable if he can win it, but that looks like a huge mountain to climb as of now, coz the huge mountain that he has to climb is called Roger Federer to whom he has lost 18 times out of the 20 games they hav played against each other and he is a guy who is currently in red hot form having dropped just a set enroute to the finals

‘It’s nice to talk about the records because it gives me an incentive to do well’ –  Federer

Record number of semi finals, Record number of finals and it is fitting and deserving that he holds the record number of grand slam titles too…my prediction…Federer to win in straight sets….GO FED…


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