Federer wins

rog8aYesssss…..He wins…

Number 14th for Roger Federer equaling the record for the most number of grand slams on par with the great Pete Sampras, but most importantly his first on the red clay, yes its the same place and the same trophy which has eluded him so far.

Yes there was no Nadal at the other end of the court but still a win  is a win and he has worked really hard and deserves every bit of it

It was really emotional Roger at the end of the game which he dominated thoroughly right from the start

Soderling had such an unbelievable run at the French Open and I was both surprised and disappointed that he did not give any fight in the final, but credit to FedEx for making sure that he did not give Soderling even a sniff of a chance.

Next is the wimbeldon and who can forget that epic final we had last year….lets all hope for another epic like that this time around but till then……..ROGER IS THE KING……


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4 Responses to Federer wins

  1. karthik says:

    keep it gping i have atleast 4 blogs all have been the casualty of my laziness 🙂

    hre is the latest victim 😛


    • srbharadwaj says:

      ha..ha..4 blogs ah?
      aiyyo this is my first… whenever i feel like typing and i hav no other bloody job to do then i post it 🙂

  2. Ravi says:

    Hey buddy…………..

    Nice work…keep it going……………

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