“You need a defeat to give value to your victories”

Nadal Well in 3 days time Rafael Nadal will be turning 23 and he couldn’t have asked for a worst birthday gift than this.

6-2 6-7(2) 6-4 7-6(2) 4th round defeat in his favorite surface at the hands of a player seeded 23rd

Its really a pity that he lost even though I’m a Federer fan i really wanted Rafa to win and taste his first loss at the hands of the master 😉

But you have to give credit to where it is due its not as if Nadal lost it infact I thought Soderling played a really good match he hardly made any errors and most importantly got Rafa wrong footed many a times, i was really impressed with his forehand, he has a big forehand and can hit winners with his forehand even while moving or sliding which infact was one of Rafa forte, and not to forget the number of points he won when he came to the net.

But what i really like about Nadal is that even though is he such a young guy I feel he has a matured head on his shoulders, he doesn’t go overboard with either victory or defeat, just take a look at what he says after today’s loss

After the match, Nadal described his problem as “not being calm enough to face the important points. I had to fight, but sometimes fighting is not enough – you have to play good tennis. He didn’t surprise me because I know how he plays, how dangerous he can be. I didn’t play my best tennis – I didn’t attack, not even for one moment. I played very short, and I made it very easy (for him) to play. When one player is bad, (he) must lose – that’s what happened today. I have to accept it with the same calm when I win than when I lose. I congratulate him.”

“You need a defeat to give value to your victories,” said the world No1 continued as he continued in phlegmatic vein. “It’s the end of the road and I have to accept my defeat as I accepted my victories: with calm. I have to stay cool‑headed to try to analyse what I did wrong. I need to learn, and you learn more when you lose than when you win. I need to work on those points where I wasn’t good, and from there try and do better for my next tournament.”

“This is not a tragedy, losing here in Paris,” the four-time champion concluded. “It had to happen one day, and this is an excellent season for me. Of course it’s a bit sad, but I have to overcome this as quickly as possible. No one remembers defeats on the long run – people remember victories. So I have to move forward and try and prepare the best I can for Wimbledon.”

To say those kind of words for a young man after having suffered a humiliating defeat like that says a lot about him and his character

Now that both Rafa and Djoko are out, this is a golden opportunity for Federer to claim the French Open

Who can stop the FedEx express? Murray?Tsonga?Devydenko?Soderling? Bring them on… 🙂


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